TLP Spotlight: (Not) Gone Fishing

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Patrick aka “PJ” is TrueLine’s resident Big Friendly Giant. With fingers the size of bananas, a head the size of a county fair winning watermelon and a heart as sweet as a maraschino cherry, Mr. Rose would make a fruit sculpture so large it could feed a small nation.

But PJ puts that big noggin to use as TrueLine’s Ad Sales Director and as an occasional editorial member where he lends his nine years of experience to providing input on new segments.

Whenever he can get a few spare days, PJ goes fly fishing. “I’ve fished in Mexico for bonefish, in the Keys for Tarpon and in the Carolinas for Red Fish,” he says, but adds that Maine is an angling destination in its own right. “What’s cool about Maine is you have great salt water fishing and then a few hours away, world-class trout fishing.”

But PJ’s fishing days might be waning in the near future as he and his wife, Andrea, are expecting a baby girl very soon. PJ says the anticipation of fatherhood is unlike anything he’s ever experienced. “I waffle from being really excited to anxious on a weekly, sometimes daily basis,” he says.  Congratulations PJ!

Fun Facts:

Hobbies: Beating Sean at foosball

Skills: Fly-fisher, hunter, wood worker

Favorite Bar/Restaurant: Shay’s

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