The Not-So-Hidden Benefits Of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing has come a long way since its inception–and its evolution continues to amaze even the most seasoned digital marketers. We have access to data, analytics and placement tools that make consumers ask: How did they know I needed a landscaper? Or that I’ve been dreaming of an all-inclusive in Bora Bora?  What once was a plethora of seemingly randomly placed ads on geocities websites has become a multi-billion dollar industry that can at times feel like the ad placement is done with such precision you have to wonder just how much data is out there. In this post, we’ll take a look at the not-so hidden benefits of paid digital marketing campaigns, and evaluate the best practices when it comes to goal-setting and implementation. 

How To Quantify Campaign Goals

Before you start any digital marketing campaign, you need to evaluate your goals. Why is this important? How will your business benefit?

The point of most digital ad placement is website traffic. But when you’re paying for traffic to come to your site, you will need to determine what you want people to do once they get there–what action they should take? Do you sell a product? Offer a download? Have a service where you need someone to fill out a form? On top of defining your goal, you also need to know in dollars what the goal is worth to your business. 

For example, will an advertisement that costs you $10 per action (click, download, etc.) result in a $1,000 sale, 50% of the time? If so, you’re in the green. If the numbers don’t add up, you need to re-evaluate. Re-evaluating your goals is a great way to make sure you’re on the right path, and will help with forecasting your return on investment. 

Key Benefits of Digital Marketing Campaigns

1. New Content for More Conversions

One of the many benefits of paid search campaigns is the fact that you will likely be creating content-heavy landing pages to accompany the advertisements–and as you’ve heard: Content is King and helps to convert viewers into paying customers. 

Depending on how much or little fresh content you’ve written for your new campaign, you may choose to index or noindex the campaign-focused pages on your website. 

  • Indexed content is best for original, unique content and helps drive organic traffic. This content can then be repurposed in the future–just be sure to noindex one or the other. 
  • Noindex is best for repurposed landing page content that is pulled from, or is very similar to content on other parts of your site. No index means  Google won’t see your pages as duplicate content –which can be bad for ranking. Viewers generally come to these pages through paid search. 

2. Revamp, Test & Optimize Creative

A fresh campaign gives you the opportunity to revamp your creative on a small scale.You don’t need to do it sitewide at first. By experimenting with different styles of landing pages, you have the opportunity to see what kinds of pages are likely to convert. This can include everything from location of key elements, like contact forms, product descriptions, and photos/videos, to font choices, color schemes, and even logo design.A more optimized website is the ideal endgame, and every time you test a landing page edit, you have the chance to not only increase your return on your ad spend, but also determine what kinds of changes you can make sitewide. 

The principal advantage to running a campaign is—when done effectively—you will see increases across the board. Whether it’s sales, leads, or awareness, paid search works if set up thoughtfully.

Key Takeaways: 

In a nutshell, the following things are some of the not-so-hidden benefits of digital marketing campaigns. With the right minds behind your efforts, you can really leverage them.

  • Increase website traffic
  • More conversions
  • Opportunity to revamp content and creative
  • Opportunity to A/B Test (optimize your website)

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