LinkedIn Refresh

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Make your brand shine

Your LinkedIn profile is a crucial building block in your professional branding strategy.  

Yet, if you’re like many professionals, you don’t find it easy to write about yourself.  

We can help, doing not only the writing, but the design, branding strategy, and linking to past jobs and accomplishments. Our goal is to capture who you really are, personally and professionally, earning you major opportunities to network and negotiate salary for an affordable price.  

How it works

First, our content and branding professionals listen and learn about your career story. Then, after they update your personal description with a compelling bio you approve, they create a new banner, as well as links to your media and accomplishments. 

The best part? We do the heavy lifting, uploading all the content ourselves, and taking as little (or much) of your time as you like.  

Examples of LinkedIn refreshes are here, here and here. We’ve done this for CEOs, thought leaders, nonprofits, businesses—you name it!

“I’m impressed. I opted for a LinkedIn update, and the whole process was seamless. After learning my story, I was assigned a writer, who was very understanding and cooperative. He wrote my description while the rest of the Trueline team made a new banner, linked my media and updated my accomplishments—the whole shebang! Any regrets? Only that Trueline isn’t my personal assistant. Thanks Trueline!”

Let’s get to work

Let the Trueline team discover and convey the most compelling version of your story. Use the contact form on this page to get started!