Conscious leadership and the value of believing in your business

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It was easy for business owners to say what their businesses do and how, but when it came to why their business keep chugging along—as in, what’s the point?—a recent workshop turned into a game of hot potato.

Haj Carr, President and CEO of the custom media company TrueLine Publishing, recently led the Maine Startup and Create Week Lightning Workshop â€śSelling Your Why: Tell Your Story to Grow Your Business.”

Those in attendance had well-formed answers about how they began and where their business currently stand, financially and in other ways, but it proved degrees more difficult for participants to nail down why they continue to do what they do.

Understandably so. The point of the workshop, Carr says, is to address this important but overlooked question. Is it money that drives you? Is it supporting a vibrant work force? Is it being the best at what you do? Is it something else or all of the above?

“With the privilege of owning a business comes the responsibility of being a conscious leader,” Carr explains. “There’s a myth that work and life are disconnected. Work is like your family—you must value and respect it. You must create your story and believe in it.”

“With the privilege of owning a business comes the responsibility of being a conscious leader.”

— Haj Carr, CEO, TrueLine Publishing

Once companies nail down their message, it’s important to share with customers and employees, for whom it creates a sense of authenticity and the notion that a company has their interest at heart.

But how do they authentically create and share their message? An About Us section falls short; a mission statement can be preachy. Press releases are fleeting and outdated.

“As a business owner you are the heartbeat of your company—success comes when you connect your heart to your business,” Carr concludes. “If your heart’s not in it, your clients and employees will take notice. As you build your brand you need to connect it to what really drives you inside. This way you’ll be involved in something that is not only profitable, but also meaningful.”

Carr’s company—TrueLine Publishing—owns a suite of digital publications. They are used in helping companies discern and craft their messages in story format, to be shared with clients, potential clients, employees, colleagues and anyone else relevant and interested.

“We believe that sharing your story is the most authentic way to be recognized and to build a brand,” Carr says. “We talk to business leaders every day, fleshing out their values, passions and what drives their business.”

Partners of the businesses can co-brand through relevant advertising, or through being mentioned in the stories.

Do you want to find your company’s why? TrueLine can help. Contact our Public Relations team today.