What is Full-Service Marketing?

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In recent years, traditional marketing agencies began splintering into niche groups; each tackling highly specific market segments or industries. Branding agencies, digital marketing firms and social media marketers were born. These specialized agencies were able to conduct deep dives into data and analytics relating to their fields of expertise. Full-service marketing agencies—those who took a holistic approach to marketing— were seen to be a jack of all trades but a master of none.

This singular focus sounded good on paper. But soon, the disadvantages of these niche marketers became apparent. For a small business, having to source, vet and hire a different agency for each aspect of their marketing plan was both time consuming and expensive. Managing a single team was difficult. Having to manage different teams, under different roofs with differing notions of what constitutes a good return on investment could be downright maddening. Suddenly, having one firm—familiar with every aspect of your business and fully committed to your overall success—started to look good. Really good.

The Trueline Difference

The best full-service marketing agencies are the ones that learned the lessons provided by specialization. At Trueline, we start with an overall appraisal of your business’ needs. Then, we develop a plan for how our teams can achieve it. Our branding team will do an audit of your existing logo to see how it’s working and where it’s falling short. At the same time, our digital marketing team will conduct a keyword review to gain insight into consumer behavior. Our content team will work with you develop messaging that targets your audience to build relationships and increase engagement. At every step in the process, these teams interact, discuss and adjust their strategies to ensure your overall marketing plan is on point.

Of course, using a full-service marketing firm doesn’t mean you have to sign up for every service they provide. An effective digital marketing agency will cater their strategy to your company and your specific goals.

Logo Design
Website Design
Content Creation
Search Engine Optimization
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Ecommerce Marketing

Logo Design

Brand development is one of the most important aspects of a full-service marketing plan. Sadly, it’s also the area we often find people invest the least amount of time in. Your logo should speak to who you are, what you do and convey your core values. Is your brand playful or serious? What does your font choice say about you? Have you thought about which colors your logo uses and the signals colors send to consumers? A lot of psychology goes into logo design. If you think your logo isn’t helping a visitor form their first impression of your brand, think again. Even on a subconscious level, a logo (good or bad) has plenty to say.

If you think of your marketing plan as a house, your branding should be its foundation. Trueline has developed an integrated approach to branding that measures your environment, audience and people within your organization. We design logos that effectively tell a company’s story. Moreover, we investigate your competitors to see what they’re doing. What messages are their logos sending? And what can that tell you about your business?

Logo Design
Logo design is the foundation that an effective full-service marketing campaign is based.

Website Design

If your logo is the foundation of your marketing initiatives, your website is the front door. Your website should draw people in and entice users to ring the doorbell to say “hello.”

All too often we see companies create a website whose sole function is to present information to the visitor. Location, hours of operation and telephone numbers are all displayed in a clear, rational manner. While this serves a website’s most basic function—to educate users—it falls short of reaching its full potential. What is the user’s intent? What are they looking for? Where are your visitors on the buyer’s journey? If you’re not asking these questions, you’re missing the opportunity to engage with your users.

At Trueline, we believe conversion-focused design is the key to successful full-service marketing. Meaning, when a user visits your website, you should inspire them to action. No matter where they may be on the buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration or decision-making) there should be a call to action (CTA) that speaks directly to that person. Whether you’re looking to increase leads, improve sales or position your company as an industry leader, targeted CTAs lead to greater engagement. And an engaged audience is more likely to convert from a visitor to a customer.

Content Creation

Part of making your website resonate with clients is developing content that’s both relatable and useful. Content creation needs to do more than just tell your company’s story. It should stoke the imagination—to the extent that users envision how your company can help theirs succeed.

Many of the writers on our content team have backgrounds in journalism. They know how to dig for a story and then turn it on its head to elicit an emotional response. With years of experience in marketing and advertising, our team has written for nearly every market segment or industry—portraying companies in the best possible light.

Through website copy, blog posts and downloadable whitepapers (thought pieces) we arrange a content strategy and production schedule catered to your specific business needs.  

Search Engine Optimization

We design websites with SEO in mind. By adhering to web standards and best practices, we ensure that bots can read your website just as easily as a prospective client. Advances in the algorithms used by search engines to index and categorize a website has made them both smarter and faster. But that doesn’t mean they can do it all by themselves. It’s important for web designers to help search engines understand not only the information on a page, but who that information will be useful to.

Header tags allow designers to prioritize the information displayed on the page. Long-tail keywords make sure the subject matter is easier to determine and ultimately, easier to display. Image alt tags (alternative text) allow a search engine to understand what an image is depicting and how it used on a page. All of these practices lend greater context to your pages as a whole. The long and short of it is this, Trueline uses every trick in the book to maximize on-page search engine optimization for our clients.

Search engine optization.
Proper web design considers SEO at every turn.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click is a business model in which an advertiser (you) pays a publisher (Google) each time a user clicks on their online ad. It basically comes down to one question; how much is a new customer worth? If you pay $2 for a click, but that visitor spends $200, that’s quite a good return on your investment.  

Trueline begins with data analysis that involves a deep dive into your current traffic, target demographics and your relevant search queries (what people enter into Google in order to find your site). This tells us important information. i.e. Who is coming to your site? What do they do once they get to your site? And what does it take to have them convert?

We look at the traffic that is converting and figure out what makes it successful. By using analytics, we identify the traffic sources that are most likely to become customers and build full-service marketing campaigns designed to increase those users.

Ecommerce Marketing

Do you have an online store? If so, chances are you’re already engaging in ecommerce marketing simply by promoting it. An effective ecommerce marketing campaign will build brand awareness, increase lead capture and add to your business’ bottom line.

Trueline look at your site to ascertain if you’re effectively speaking to your customers in ways that promote sales and encourage commitment. Social media advertising can be hugely influential. Yet more important than knowing how to advertise, is knowing where. Which platform is most likely to reach your business’ customers? Should you invest in a customer rewards program? Are there ways to anticipate buyer behavior by analyzing past sales? These are some of the questions Trueline can help you answer.


We track and evaluate analytics to calculate the success of our campaigns. This not only allows us to measure our return on investment, but it also provides insight into market shifts and trends. Noting changes in the economy allows us to make better informed decisions—which leads to more impactful campaigns.

There are a number of online tools and applications that crunch and break apart data. Our team knows how to interpret that data into actionable items; leading to improved sales. Using analytics to predict marketing patterns allows businesses to attract new customers while forming long-term relationships with existing ones.

Full Hearts, Full-Service… Can’t Lose

We’re scrappy, determined and tireless. We’re your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. The Trueline team consists of veterans from the advertising industry, PR agencies, web design firms and more. Our background, expertise and proven track record is what leads us to believe that no one is better suited to build, grow or manage any aspect of your branding, content or digital marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for a full-service marketing agency that will stop at nothing to deliver results, we encourage you to contact us today.