SEO & Web Optimization Services

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If your business is not getting found online, or you’re not happy with how your website is ranking, now is the time to take action.

90% of online sessions, begin with a search.

75% of those users won’t visit page 2.

Getting the right kind of traffic to come to your website is a challenge. Website optimization is no easy task, but you’ve come to the right place.

Our results driven approach ensures that you get the most bang out of your marketing bucks. Using existing data and the knowledge of our educated staff, we analyze all elements of your website and give your site a complete evaluation. We’ll handle everything you need help with. Furthermore, we can show you where the work made an impact with our in depth reports.

SEO Services From Trueline

We handle all kinds of SEO needs, from basic tasks like making sure you’re set up in Google Analytics, to taking care of the technical side of things. We can even create great content for your site to help it rank for the most valuable search terms. Furthermore we offer the following services (just to get started).

  • On-Page and Website Optimization – It’s important to ensure your business is actually found in Google. Besides targeting the high value search terms you are aware of, we will also go after the ones you haven’t thought about.
  • Conversion Optimization – You’ve got people coming to your site, now what? First of all, we optimize your website to convert the maximum amount of visitors. Then, we make sure they keep converting.
  • Content Creation – Every website needs to have great content if you want to rank for terms. Therefore, we can help you create outstanding content on your site that your readers will love.
  • Redirects and URL Re-Writes – If you’ve made changes to your sites content and have modified your URL structure, you want to be sure no one is landing on 404 pages. 
  • Image Optimization – We optimize all the content on your site, including images. This helps your overall ranking.
  • Schema Markup – We’ll make sure that your content is being shown in a way that will maximize the chances of getting noticed by showing your reviews, pricing, and in stock status on your products.