Trueline Spotlight: Reading People While Making the Calls 

Reading Time: 3 minutes While there may be no scientific or medical evidence to show that boxing helps an assistant content coordinator manage a hectic flow of as many as 100 calls daily, Michael Gardner knows how to roll with the punches—and give a few too! Gardner, a Chicago-area resident who joined Trueline in November 2021, boxed in college…

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Kate Gardner Trueline

Trueline Spotlight: Rules of Style and Rules for Life 

Reading Time: 5 minutes When Trueline Managing Editor Kate Gardner showed up at her local animal shelter near Portland, Maine, in early 2019, she had only two rules. One was from her fiancé, Chris. Kate had long wanted a cat, but Chris had held out, saying their apartment was too small. Finally, when Kate found herself between jobs with…

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Logan Dixon

Trueline Spotlight: Perfecting the Art of Persuasion from Pittsburgh 

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ask Logan Dixon how his current job differs from his previous career, and he just laughs.  “You know how many times I’ve almost been bitten?” he asks. “At one point, I was halfway up the driveway, and this dog just started barking, running, and it ran past where its lead should’ve ended, and it was…

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Trueline Spotlight: Dreaming Bigger in Texas

Reading Time: 5 minutes The same motivation that carried Sandra Buritica from New York City to her current home in Texas brought her from a ruthless law firm to Trueline: She wanted something better for herself and her family.  Sandra, who earned her B.A. in criminal justice from Colorado Technical University in 2016, had been working as director of…

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Trueline Spotlight: Keeping the Faith at Home and Work

Reading Time: 4 minutes David Masem is on the brink of his next great adventure. This summer, he’s packing all his belongings into his Honda Civic and driving from Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, to Charlotte, North Carolina, to move in with his girlfriend, Erin. Thanks to the company’s remote work policy, nothing will change about Masem’s role as a sales development…

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Jennifer Shea

Trueline Spotlight: Two Thumbs Up for Trueline’s Newest Scribe

Reading Time: 4 minutes When legendary film critic Roger Ebert gave Spike Lee a glowing review for “Do the Right Thing” in 1989, it set the director’s trajectory for decades to come. A chance encounter with Ebert in a Chicago screening room had the same effect on Trueline’s newest writer, Jennifer Shea. “I was a teenager writing about entertainment…

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Matt Heppner

Trueline Spotlight: A Life Worth the Wait

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Matt Heppner was eight years old, he was attacked and bitten by a dog. That led him to fear canines for more than 20 years, yet he overcame his fear about two years ago when a stray pit bull wandered up to his door and the pair became best friends. Matt says he had…

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Carolyn Rosazza

Trueline Spotlight: An (e)Quest(rian) for Success and Growth

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s not an exaggeration to say Carolyn Rosazza comes from a family of farmers.   Soon after her ancestors came to America from Rosazza, a village in northern Italy, they settled in Avondale, Pennsylvania and began working at a stone quarry. Shortly after, Carolyn’s great-great-grandfather, a quarry worker turned florist, started O. Rosazza & Son Greenhouses….

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Neal Geosits

Trueline Spotlight: Finding His Way and Becoming a Marketing Force

Reading Time: 4 minutes Neal Geosits is a lot of things. He’s a graduate of the same university attended by President Joe Biden. He’s the third Neal (different spelling) currently working for Trueline. He’s one of a few Trueliners who live in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. And he’s also a big Star Wars fan, and not just…

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Trueline writer, Fatima Taha.

Trueline Spotlight: Being a Bulldog on the Writing Team

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Fatima Taha was 5 years old, she traveled back to Pakistan—where she was born—to celebrate an uncle’s wedding. It was for a few months during the summer, and she remembers getting heat rashes in the 100-degree weather. But her mother had enrolled her in karate classes while they were there, so she hi-yahed her…

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