Author: David Harry

Trueline Spotlight: Show Her the Money

Reading Time: 3 minutes The processes for getting stories and sponsors for Trueline’s publications require lots of hard work and perseverance from the first cold call through multiple interviews, writing and editing a feature, and then presenting the words, pictures and ads in publications that will bring the feature acclaim and show their world their brand. Heidi Ficher manages…

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Trueline Spotlight: Reading People While Making the Calls 

Reading Time: 3 minutes While there may be no scientific or medical evidence to show that boxing helps an assistant content coordinator manage a hectic flow of as many as 100 calls daily, Michael Gardner knows how to roll with the punches—and give a few too! Gardner, a Chicago-area resident who joined Trueline in November 2021, boxed in college…

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Jason Pafundi Trueline Portland Maine

Trueline Spotlight: Once a Writer, Always a Writer

Reading Time: 3 minutes There was a time when Jason Pafundi wasn’t writing stories about loved ones or even people he just met.  But that ended by the time he was 10 and the rest is a tale that’s unwound from coast to coast.  Pafundi, a Trueline staff writer and digital content strategist, brings to his roles a direct manner, an undying love for the New York Mets, New York Knicks and the Washington Football Team, and a journalism career that began…

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