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Hi, I’m Haj.

And we are Trueline.
Trueline is a full-service marketing and consulting firm that provides strategy, content and design for clients across industries—both in Maine and around the world. At Trueline, I like to call us “The Eternal Startup”: a place where creativity and innovation never cease; where people are encouraged to be authentic and create their own roles; and where everyone has a stake in the company’s success. Oh, and there’s a sweet ping-pong table in the breakroom.

Here’s My Bio

When I was a kid, my dad had two jobs: managing mainframe computers, and cleaning office buildings. Occasionally, he’d ask me to tag along and lend him a hand.

It was my job to clean the toilets.

If my effort didn’t meet his standards, I’d hear about it. “How hard you work reflects who you are,” he’d say. “Whatever you’re doing, do it right.” The message stuck.

When I left my native Hawaii to attend Bowdoin College in Maine, whatever I was studying—be it religion, art, science or sociology—I wanted to learn as much as I could.

It was that enduring curiosity that sparked my interest in business. From the beginning, I knew that any company I started had to reflect certain core values: Authenticity, Creativity, Dynamism, Growth.

From a 6-day intensive retreat with Wim Hof to speaking as part of Maine Startup Week, I’m constantly reminded of how mindfulness and hard work can pay off with huge dividends.

My goal is to bring those values and knowledge to you. It’s a job that I—that We—take seriously. “Whatever you’re doing, do it right,” I say.

And then share it with the world.

Our Commitment to Nonprofits:

Nonprofits are incredibly important to all of us at Trueline. I currently sit on the board at the Institute for Humane Education.