Trueline Spotlight: Gift of Gab

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Kyle Gahm has been with Trueline almost as long as the company has been in Maine—seven years out of nine—and there’s evidence of that. His attorney segment in U.S. Business Executive was such a huge hit, it prompted Trueline to launch its own law-focused journal: Vanguard.

But for all his staying power and ideas, Gahm’s greatest gift is gab. Whether he’s closing deals or making a first-day editorial assistant feel right at home, he’s never short on words.

“In my family, you had to have a quick wit,” Gahm reflects, referring to his two brothers and half-sister. “I’ve always prided myself on being able to talk to anyone about anything. It’s part of what I love about working at Trueline.”

“I’ve always prided myself on being able to talk to anyone about anything. It’s part of what I love about working at Trueline.”

– Kyle Gahm

A native of Alfred, a small town in Maine, Gahm harbored early designs on becoming Boston’s next great sportscaster, prompting him to study broadcast journalism at the University of Maine. While finishing his degree at USM, Gahm took a job as a sales rep for T-Mobile, where he quickly developed a knack for selling to even the toughest customers.

“You get a pretty thick skin, that’s for sure,” Gahm says with a laugh. “But you also learn to let things go. Even today, when I’m talking to these high-up executives at big-name companies, I remember that lesson.”

That nostalgia for sports has hardly subsided, however. Even today, you might find him poring over Patriots game film until three in the morning, or ratting off the fantasy baseball bona fides of some obscure bullpen pitcher.

That is, when he’s not pinging potential features faster than a courtroom stenographer.

Indeed, if there’s anything Gahm’s got in spades, it’s stories. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t fit to print, Gahm says while cracking a Red Bull, his morning beverage of choice.

Many, but not all.

Looking for a tale of true love? Gahm wrote a great one, meeting his future wife and love of his life at Trueline. Then he became a co-parent to Trueline’s patron dog, Winston.


“I always joke how Mainers, or people from New England, are here to complain. Complain about the weather, complain about a game or just complain to complain. But I would never change who I am or where I am from. Maine has made me who I am and Trueline has found me happiness.”

Fun Facts:

His favorite hangout no one knows about:  Townhouse Pub in Saco, Maine.

His favorite sports memory: Watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees in 2004 after being down 0-3. His father and grandfather, also diehard Red Sox fans, had given up watching. Kyle was vindicated when the Red Sox came back to win four games in a row and later claim the World Series title.

Anything else? He’s had a size 12 shoe since he was in 5th grade.