TrueLine Publishing’s Managing Editor Finalist in DMA 2015 Editor of the Year

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The Digital Magazine Awards are some of the most sought-after accolades in the world of digital publishing.

The international awards program began in 2010 to celebrate top magazines, advertisements and individuals making their mark on the industry through innovation and action.

The DMAs attract a global audience with entries from more than 60 countries. The award categories include cover of the year, designer, editor, publisher/manager, advertisement, innovation of the year, launch of the year and magazine website of the year. The DMAs also bestow a Magazine of the Year honor to publications across the art and design industry, fashion, food and beverage, film and entertainment, lifestyle, news and business, science, sport and fitness and more.

TrueLine Publishing’s managing editor, Jeanee Dudley, has been chosen as a finalist for DMA’s 2015 Editor of the Year!

Jeanee was nominated for Editor of the Year and is now a finalist due to her desire to better our publications and production processes and the creativity and ingenuity she displays working through challenges. Also named a Folio:30 under 30 honoree, Jeanee has effectively changed the way we communicate, both in-house, and with feature executives in all three American and Canadian trade journals.

Jeanee sat down with our executive team to build a better system for communication. Without losing precious writing time, we have successfully increased communication with our featured companies, expending twice the time and effort on the front end – including more in depth follow-up interviews and an integrated editing process. On the back end, the quality of our content has improved and turnaround has been faster. She also led the charge in restructuring our editorial department and proofing process.

In mid-2015, Jeanee launched a new in-house proofing process for our three trade journals, integrating members of our sales, research, design and editorial departments. The streamlined process allows our team to provide more valuable input in a shorter timeframe, ensuring faster production and greater client satisfaction. The updated system has prevented compromising errors and inconsistencies from going to print, thus saving our publishing company several thousand dollars per season in reprint costs and lost production time.

By shaking up the system, things are now running more efficiently than ever before. This is what makes Jeanee a standout for the DMA 2015 Editor of the Year honor.

Awards will be presented at the International Digital Magazine Summit in London Wednesday, Nov. 11. Stay tuned for the results and congratulations to you, Jeanee!