Trueline (Again!) Named One of Maine’s Best Places to Work in 2023

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In late April, ten Trueliners decked out in their best suits and dresses packed into a Mercedes Sprinter for a 90-minute drive to Boston for the American Brain Foundation’s Commitment to Cures Gala.

The ride down and back included lots of laughs and lots of singing, and at the event, our team members connected with doctors and listened to inspiring stories from people from around the world.

It was the kind of outing that Trueliners come to expect. Just like so many of us longtime staffers expect certain accolades to come our company’s way—and once again, a big one did.

For the seventh time, Trueline was one of 66 Maine-based companies named one of the Best Places to Work in Maine (in the Medium Employer category of 50-249 U.S. employees). We made the list from 2016-2021, and we’re proud to find Trueline back among the top employers in Vacationland.

Companies are named to the list based on results of anonymous surveys submitted by employees covering everything from work culture and management to the remote work environment, training and development, pay and benefits.  

The Things We Do

Trueline has been a 100% remote company since July 2021, when we closed our downtown Portland office, and over the past few years, we’ve come up with creative ways to keep our team members connected, engaged, and involved.

In addition to going fully remote, we created a set of values that have helped guide our culture through that transition and beyond. “Live With Adventure & Aloha” is directly tied to several of our culture initiatives, and “Feedback & Feedforward” is infused into almost every manager/direct report interaction and has allowed for constant improvements and individual growth. Our managers attend monthly training sessions on how to foster teams that “Practice Perseverance,” and we give regular accolades to Trueliners who exhibit the values of “Take Ownership, Be Accountable,” and “Do Your Best.”

Every few months, we gather in downtown Portland for an In Real Life Happy Hour (we host a virtual one, too), reconnecting with colleagues from around Maine and flying in a rotating handful of team members from across the nation. We host an annual NFL fantasy football league and a pool for March Madness that keeps our biggest sports fans connected, and our popular Coffee Buddies program lets team members chat with one another weekly as a fun way to start the workday.

There are regular Wellness Challenges to keep overall well-being top of mind (prizes included), and our new Take What You Need PTO plan has proven to be a big hit among our team. New team members learn about our company by meeting with the Welcoming Committee, and our twice-weekly meditation sessions, Aligning the Shakas, keep us focused and centered.

But that’s not all. Our monthly Town Halls and The WEPA! newsletter provide team members with updates on the company, and our Inclusion Committee and Women of Trueline employee resource group present programming that aims to enlighten, empower, and inspire.

The Results Are In

Aside from the public recognition, the best part about participating in the Best Places to Work in Maine is the survey results. Our team members’ responses and insights help drive our strategy and inform future programs and initiatives. They let us know what we’re doing well—and where there’s room for improvement. Here are a few highlights!

These the most-used words to describe our company:

We saw major improvements over last year in the following areas:

  • Openness to input and feedback
  • Internal communications strategies
  • Recognition
  • Enabling a culture of diversity
  • Sense of autonomy and ability to make important decisions
  • Realistic deadlines
  • Overall role satisfaction
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Amount of PTO
  • Overall insurance benefit offerings
  • Pride in our organization

Living With Aloha

Trueline is a business, and our bottom line is often the ultimate measure of our success. But it isn’t everything. Even during difficult economic times, we are always committed to making sure our staff have a positive work environment and chances to connect.

Our team members’ collaboration, curiosity, and commitment are the source of every product innovation and culture transformation at Trueline over the last 16 years, from identifying new markets to pioneering DE&I programs for Trueliners to tell their stories.

Trueline is a Best Place to Work because of the stories that unfold around us and keep us moving forward. Thank you, team, for being part of the story so far—we cannot wait to see what our next chapter holds!