TLP Spotlight: Customer service with a world view

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Two things you should know about Marcia Giancola: She’s our business relations coordinator and she’s got pipes.

These days her musical talents are put to use only on occasion (cue Trueline’s holiday shindig). But time was when she traversed the country again and again as the lead singer for cover bands, raking in a grand a week—good money back in the ‘70s.

With good humor, she can tell you about Las Vegas before it was “Disneyland for adults,” back when you needed to take a cab from bar to bar because walking was unsafe.

She can even joke about the time a famous comedian flagged her down because she’d offended his opening act; or the time she worked from a locked, bank-style vault. The time she met a bank robber, unknowingly.

But she’s just as likely to tell you about her family—a husband she followed to Japan; a daughter she brought to term in that country and for whom she moved to Maine, because of the quality of life; a mother who Marcia manages to catch in a selfie.

She’s been with Trueline since its inception, having met its young CEO, Haj Carr, through one of his other ventures.

Having worked in just about all the permutations of business administration and finance, for Carr and others, she is the experienced hand who represents the last line of customer support for Trueline.

Long after the custom stories go out, she’s available. Just don’t count her out if blues come on and the vocals are lacking. Pass the mic.

Fun Facts:

Hidden talent: Pipes with air to spare (singing)

Second career choice: Fashion designer or interior decorator

Coolest place traveled to: Japan

Walk out song: Too many to choose from (from someone who knows)