Three Reasons You Need a Marketing Firm, Not a Marketing Person

Reading Time: 3 minutes

So, you want to hire a marketing person. Great! It’s an important investment in your organization, and it will let you focus on the business. No more late nights spent on website redesign and email marketing. At least not for you.

But before you post the job opening and review hundreds of resumes, consider this: There’s another option, and depending on your business, probably a better one. We’re talking about a marketing firm.

1. Experience, Experience, Experience

Say you hire someone with 10 years of digital marketing experience. Not bad! That’s a lot of wisdom to drawn on. But if you hire a marketing firm with dozens of professionals, you get access to hundreds of years of experience.

In addition, with a marketing firm, you get more than one flavor of ice cream. Instead of being limited to the skillset of the one person you hired, you tap the experience of many people.

For example, the marketing person you hire may be an expert in SEO, web design, graphic design, copy writing, email campaigns, speech writing or something else. Maybe they’re capable in several of these areas. However, a good marketing firm will have experts in all these areas, giving you a much bigger tool chest, and a cheaper one.

2. Cost Savings

According to Glassdoor, a marketing manager in Maine makes $39,000 to $81,000. According to ZipRecruiter, it’s $32,000 to $110,000. If you’re looking for a Maine marketing firm (such as ours), in a state where the median income is $56,000, that’s a HUGE investment. And it doesn’t even include benefits (health, 401k, dental, vision, paid time off, company rafting trips).

By comparison, you might spend only a few thousand dollars on a project with our firm. If you have a monthly retainer, it may be a few thousand dollars a month.

While that’s a lot of money, too, it’s less of a commitment that hiring a full-time employee. Often you can cancel your contract. Or you can agree on a shorter contract of several months. If you’re not satisfied when the contract ends, it’s easy to switch firms.

Not so with employees.

3. Time Savings

That’s because, no matter their experience, you must train your employees a minimum of several months. Then, even once they’re familiar with the business, you must support them. Are they engaged? Are they doing the work requested? Are they performing well? Are they going to stick around?

It may be worth the effort to have a marketing professional who knows the business like you do. However, you can accomplish the same thing with a marketing firm. Just look locally. If you’re in Maine, hire a Maine marketing firm. If you’re in Toledo, look around you. Also, you can prioritize marketing firms that mirror your values. For instance, at Trueline, we seek clients we personally connect with. We want to support clients who are bettering our community. You can do the same.

Find The Right Marketing Firm

If you’re seeking full-service marketing in Portland, Maine—you can schedule a free consultation here. If you’re from away, also give us a shout. We work with businesses, nonprofits and executives nationwide on everything from custom publishing to logo design, PR, speech writing and web design. When you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, just contact us here or via the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!