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Tech + IT

Our Approach

We help with the placement of key technology staff using our network of thousands of off-the-market candidates.

With nearly a decade of experience working with the brightest IT leaders at key institutions across North America, Trueline’s tech recruiting team is both well-connected and well-versed in the technology and IT fields. We understand what sets great and exceptional talent apart.

With our extensive network within the IT community, we specialize in matching candidates with the precise skills and expertise your organization demands. Our team of experienced recruiters navigates the dynamic IT landscape with finesse and are well-versed in roles ranging from seasoned Software Engineers proficient in multiple programming languages to skilled Network Administrators adept at maintaining complex IT infrastructures. Whether you require a Data Scientist to unlock insights from your vast data repositories or a Systems Analyst to optimize your IT systems, we leverage our industry knowledge proprietary network to deliver tailored solutions that drive innovation and efficiency.

Roles We Specialize In

DevOps Engineer

Full Stack Developer

AI/Machine Learning Engineer

IT Project Manager

Blockchain Developer

UX/UI Designer

Cloud Engineer / Architect

Cybersecurity Analyst

Data Scientist

Our Network In Action

Toggle Magazine

Trueline’s very own Toggle Magazine has been the online publication for corporate IT executives for nearly 10 years. Toggle takes a deep dive into the complex and ever-changing world faced by CIOs and CTOs and continues to be a invaluable proprietary resource for us to mine the brightest IT talent available today.