Personal Branding

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Be a Rose, Not a Thorn

“What’s in a name,” a love-tormented Juliet once asked Romeo, to which a marketing professional might respond, “Your brand.” 

Your name is where your personal brand begins. Your brand is also your reputation. It’s what happens when people Google your name. It’s how you describe yourself. It’s how other people describe you. It’s also what articles you’ve authored, what social posts you’ve made and so, so much more. 

Which is why we provide a lot of ways for professionals to make their name stand for something good.

How we do it 

We start with a comprehensive LinkedIn refresh ($1,200). Why? Because this professional version of Facebook is the primary way executives are connecting, networking and finding jobs. And, as with any interview, you want to look sharp with a compelling bio, great graphics and visible accomplishments. 

Once you refresh your LinkedIn page, we recommend getting profiled in one of our publications: Toggle for technologists; Vanguard for attorneys; Blueprint for construction execs. The cost is $3,200, though we do sell branding packages that bundle these services and bring down the price. 

Attorneys have the additional option of appearing in news style stories, on fascinating topics like What happens, legally, if the Olympics are cancelled? The cost for that is $1,200. 

Another excellent way to maintain your new personal brand is through regular social posts on LinkedIn and other platforms. We write these for you. Once you approve them, we post them at regular intervals, as we have for a multitude of clients ranging from individuals starting out their career to major clients that include an 11,000+ member nonprofit. . Pricing begins at $500/month but depends on posting frequency. 

And if you’re not feeling the digital burn?  

For traditional job hunting, we write, revise and design CVs and resumes ($2,500-$5,000), putting an emphasis on simple, clear selling points, such as data + dollars that show what you’ve accomplished at each stage of your career. Our personal websites, the crème de la crème, are $5,000. 

So be like Romeo. Be a rose. Talk with one of our Portland, Maine-based marketing and branding professionals.