What is Blueprint Construction Magazine?

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Launched in 2017, Blueprint construction magazine puts a spotlight on the facilities professionals who are imagining, creating and maintaining better spaces—and the tools and strategies they depend on. The magazine is a subsidiary of Trueline, a Maine digital marketing firm whose other publications include Vanguard (law), Toggle (technology and IT), Vision (executive leadership), Equity (finance) and Terra Firma (agriculture).

Blueprint gives readers an inside look at how these professionals are creating the workplaces of the future: from the latest design concepts to the most cutting-edge technologies. These aren’t your grandfather’s building trades; the challenges faced by today’s construction and facilities managers are many and wide-ranging. Blueprint showcases the women and men who are facing them head-on.   

Since its inception, Blueprint construction magazine has profiled executives and leaders at Bayer, Comcast, Waste Management and the Cincinnati Reds, along with hundreds of other companies of every size—and in every sector. 

How do organizations strike a balance between growth and employee engagement? What are some of the biggest challenges companies face when building a new headquarters? How can technology be leveraged to make the construction process more efficient? These are some of the questions Blueprint aims to answer.

If you’re a construction/facilities professional interested in being featured in a digital magazine for construction executives (or know someone who is), drop us a line!

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