Photo Guide

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Photo Guide

Helpful tips for your photo submission

Photos will account for a lot of the space within your article. We recommend sending a variety of photos in high resolution, for best appearances in the layout.

We are not able to provide a photographer or photographer recommendations. 

What kinds of photos should I send?

A variety of photos is encouraged (approx. 8-10 images.) Options include: Portraits/headshots of yourself, photos of your team or pictures from work events, photos that showcase your company (such as workplace setting, reception area/company signage, or your office), project/worksite photos if applicable, product photos, and your own recreational/hobby photos.

* Please include a horizontally formatted portrait if possible. A “zoomed-out” horizontal shot is also recommended. Example:

See our portfolio of magazines for photo ideas >>

What are the required specs?

  • The following indicates high resolution:
    1MB (1000KB) or larger
    2000×2000 pixels or larger
    300 ppi
    (Any combination of the above will ensure best quality/clarity.)
  • Images saved off a website are typically low resolution (too small or too pixelated)
  • Photos in horizontal format preferred
  • Accepted filetypes: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, CR2
  • If in doubt, send it anyway!

    What if I don’t have any photos?

    Avoiding any ‘selfie’ type shots, we have had great feedback with using cellphone photos. You’re welcome to set up some portraits on your own, and our design team is happy to do the post-editing to polish up photos for the layout.
    If you have a marketing department with access to your company images, feel free to connect us.
    We can also supplement with stock photography as needed.

    How do I send my photos?

    Submit photos to our upload page or through If needed, send as email attachments.
    For cellphone photos, we recommend sending directly from the phone to our upload page, to avoid email compression and retain maximum quality.

    Do you need captions?

    Captions are optional. If you would like captions or photo credits included, please send that information along with your photo submission.