Jeanee Dudley Named 2015 Folio: 30 Under 30 Honoree

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Jeanee Dudley, the managing editor of all three of our magazines, has been selected as a 2015 Folio: 30 Under 30 honoree!

While we’re all excited for this prestigious recognition and proud of her accomplishment, some questions have been buzzing around the office…

What is Folio:?

What’s it mean to be a Folio: 30 Under 30 honoree?

Why is Jeanee so cool?

To stop the rumor mill surrounding the Folio: Awards and Jeanee’s many talents(writing, rock climbing and operating heavy equipment are a few of them), here are the answers:

Folio: is dedicated to providing magazine publishing professionals with the news, insights and best practices to keep them in tune with today’s media industry trends. From their print magazine, Folio: Magazine, which has been dubbed “the 43-year-old industry bible,” to Folio:’s webinars, events and online content, the company is changing the way publishers connect with their readers.

Folio:’s 30 Under 30, is the publication’s annual who’s who of the brightest individuals under the age of 30 who are executing on some of our industry’s most innovative ideas. The list represents the up-and-coming stars who will shape the future of publishing. Jeanee will be recognized, along with the other honorees, during an awards luncheon to be held at the Marriott Marquis in New York City on October 21. Winners will be profiled in Folio: Magazine and on

Folio: also offers several other award opportunities, such as the Eddie & Ozzie Awards (which US Builders Review has been named a 2015 finalist in!) that provide media executives a chance to showcase their best editorial content, designs, marketing initiatives, digital products and people.


Because Folio: claims that individuals listed on the 30 Under 30 are disrupting the status quo of their organizations, it just felt right to nominate Jeanee – and even more so for judges to choose her as an honoree. To put Jeanee in the running for this prestigious award, we submitted a nomination that explains how, as the newly appointed managing editor, she has positively impacted our company and continues to improve our magazines every day.

While many of you probably already know all about the great things she’s been doing back here in the writers’ room, read on to find out just why Jeanee is so cool…

Jeanee Dudley, managing editor at TrueLine Publishing, has changed the way we communicate with and feature executives in our three American and Canadian trade journals. With an eye for efficient procedures, a background building narratives as a features journalist and certification through the Salt Institute for documentary studies, Jeanee has structured our process in a way that prioritizes client goals for these valuable marketing materials.

Jeanee sat down with our executive team to build a better system for communication. Without losing precious writing time, we have successfully increased communication with our featured companies, expending twice the time and effort on the front end – including follow-up interviews and a more integrated editing process. On the back end, the quality of our content has improved and turnaround has been faster.

Companies are happier with the features we put together and our already low rewrite ratio has been cut in half. By taking a more narrative-friendly approach to features writing, we have been able to build better stories – ones that better express brand identity, breadth of capabilities and help to better target the correct markets.

She is also fully revamping our proofing process, adopting a more collaborative approach that will take 60% the time of our previous process while allowing members of our research team to provide more valuable input. The updated system will improve accuracy, ensure better customer satisfaction and save our publishing company several thousand dollars per year in reprint costs and lost production time.

We’re very excited to have Jeanee represent TrueLine Publishing at the awards luncheon in New York on Oct. 21, 2015. In the meantime, show some support for Jeanee by sharing on Facebook and Twitter!