Infographic: 75% of Employees Prefer Trip-Based Incentives

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At TrueLine Publishing, we’ve made a habit of continually rewarding our employees for a job well done. We are always looking for new ways to motivate our team members in a way that is effective and attainable, yet challenging, and of course – fun!While we’ve been known to offer incentives for everything from cold hard cash to gift cards and scratch tickets – and even paid time off – we’ve found that the most effective and rewarding incentives come in the form of trips and special team activities. In fact, we surveyed our employees to find that 75% prefer trip-based incentives to both cash and gifts.


Setting Goals

Taking our cues from the survey, this past year we have offered a few trip-based incentives, such as the Freeport 500, where everyone who hit the designated sales quota went as a group to Freeport, Maine (aka outlet store heaven) with a $500 cash shopping spree, as well as an all-inclusive trip to Jamaica. Yes, Jamaica!

In an interview with NOLN, our CEO, Haj Carr, said, “I recently ran an incentive for the holiday season where I told my staff whoever hit a certain level of sales would be invited to come on an all-expenses paid trip to Jamaica for the weekend. Since we’re in New England and in the midst of a brutal winter, a trip to the tropics was a perfect motivator. The concept of flying to Jamaica was way more exciting than cash, and people were talking about it all month! Plus more than half the staff made the sales goal, which made it a real team-building experience.”

It may seem like a trip to Jamaica is extravagant and spending extra money on your employees is an added expense you don’t need to afford. But when productivity skyrockets as a result, incentives are a no-brainer.

“My employees are absolutely working harder than they would be without these incentives. It can sometimes be difficult to measure, but before and after big incentives, like the trip to Jamaica, productivity usually increases by upwards of 20 to 30%. People genuinely want to go to the events, so they work really hard to get there,” Haj told

What’s the bottom line? Numbers don’t lie, and neither do the stories and memories of those who reached their goals and went on these adventures. Here are the full results from our employee incentive survey:

how incentives motivate employees infographic

Regardless of what your incentive program includes, the key is to not only get your employees excited to win, but also to get them excited for the process of reaching the goal. Make the goal fun and attainable, but challenging enough so they push themselves.

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