The Grow Maine Show [podcast]: TrueLine Publishing CEO shares insights into our growing business

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Want to know more about TrueLine Publishing and what we stand for? Our CEO, Haj Carr, sat down with Marty Grohman of The Grow Maine Show podcast, to share insights into our growing business, expose the nuances of our company culture and what sorts of projects we’re working on.

Listen now.

Big questions:

What mistake don’t you make anymore?

What’s the toughest problem you’ve ever taken on?

What is your passion?

A few favorite quotes:

“TrueLine Publishing is a platform that allows us to change the way that people do business and communicate. We talk to a business, tell their story and help them have the biggest possible impact on their organization.”

“With privilege comes responsibility. When you have the privilege of starting a business, you have the responsibility of sharing in that profit and creating an environment where people are engaged – not because it sounds good, but because they need to be able to build for their future too.”

“I am excited to come to work to learn from [my employees]. When I hire new people I am excited about the skill sets and the perspective they bring to the table. We are truly collaborative.”

“The one thing that drives me is the constant setting aside of egos. I am a firm believer that the more I know, I realize the less I know.”

“Trust [your employees].”