Full Editorial Review Policy Terms

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We want to ensure your story is told in a way that achieves your objective and makes you happy and proud to share. If you have any questions or concerns about your story or our publishing process, email Director of Content Jason Pafundi at jpafundi@wearetrueline.com.

We accept comments and minor rewording, but not rewrites. 

Track Changes are required and enabled by default. For small edits, like how we describe your company, feel free to change the text directly. For everything else, leave feedback by clicking on the â€śNew Comment” button in the Review panel.  

Before submitting your edits, please make sure the entire document doesn’t exceed the word limit specified by your writer. We want to ensure our editors can spend the time they need on each piece. This ensures quality and readability.  

If you make edits without Track Changes, we will likely ask you to resubmit your feedback. Otherwise, we would have no way of ensuring we hit the mark with your requested feedback. 

We understand life happens.  

Job loss, bankruptcy, personal changes, a pandemic—we’ve seen it all. We can tactfully incorporate the new information or pause the story, if necessary. If we must cancel the story, your partners will not receive a refund (though they may receive a credit).  

We have our own style.  

We limit stories to 1,000 words, but “premier” and “cover” stories are typically longer, and we avoid industry jargon and advertorial language at all costs. This will ensure that the SEO performs at its absolute best—we also want your story to read like, well, a story! In addition, please note that your title will be capitalized in accordance with the AP Stylebook.  

For any questions about this policy or your story, contact Director of Content Jason Pafundi