Author: Blake Davis

Best Ways to Get Nonprofit News Coverage

Reading Time: 3 minutes Which would you rather read about? A new type of loan offered by a credit union or a Rwandan woman fleeing violence in her country and finding safety in Maine? Trick question.  It’s the same story told from two angles. The story of a program, created by one of our clients, gives asylum seekers very…

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Marcela Trueline Marketing

Trueline Spotlight: Always on the Move

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Marcela Zuluaga was a kid living in a remote part of Colombia, no one told her about the gorillas and hippos, native to Africa, in the town 30 miles away. They weren’t in a zoo. They were brought there by Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord who kept them as pets at his…

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Haj Carr, CEO of Trueline, to Speak About Modern Hiring for Modern Media

Reading Time: < 1 minute Got talent? You’ll need it to be successful in today’s publishing world, but finding it and knowing it can be a challenge. Anyone interested in the topic can attend a roundtable discussion this fall. Led by our CEO, Haj Carr, and two other publishing executives, “Building A Publishing Dream Team,” is among many events being…

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Trueline Spotlight: She Knows What Colors the Walls Will Be

Reading Time: 2 minutes Marcela Zuluaga—soon to be Marcela Carr—does not speak “carpet language,” so it took a while for her to convey all the details to the contractors who will be replacing that gray, stringy stuff on the office floor. We forgive her. It’s not her job to tend to such things as the office renovation; she’s just…

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TLP Spotlight: He refuses to Wear Jeans, but His Art is Great

Reading Time: 2 minutes A family guy, an artist, Trueline’s art director, and a guy with a hard-to-pronounce last name, Neill Ewing-Wegmann is many things. He even claims to be Batman, a point he will make—with your permission—by pulling down the collar of his probably-colorful T-shirt to reveal a Batman v. Joker scene extensively tattooed on his chest. But…

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TLP Spotlight: Customer service with a world view

Reading Time: 2 minutes Two things you should know about Marcia Giancola: She’s our business relations coordinator and she’s got pipes. These days her musical talents are put to use only on occasion (cue Trueline’s holiday shindig). But time was when she traversed the country again and again as the lead singer for cover bands, raking in a grand…

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