Trueline Spotlight: Oh, The Places She’s Been—and Will Go

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When Alyssa LoVerso says she’s been traveling all her life, she’s not kidding. She took her first trip—to Italy—when she was two months old. Since then, traveling with family, friends and her fiancé has become a passion.

“We just love going on adventures, seeing new places and experiencing different cultures,” says Alyssa, one of Trueline’s sales development coaches.

Alyssa LoVerso in Paris, France

As a child, Alyssa went to Italy every summer to visit family and has been to her ancestral homeland more than a dozen times. She’s also visited London, Paris, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Anguilla, St. Martin and the Bahamas. She even went to the United Kingdom as a teenager to tour the set of the Harry Potter films and meet the cast.

“I wasn’t a big Harry Potter fan, so meeting Daniel Radcliffe and the others wasn’t a big deal,” she remembers. “But there were some people in the group that were superfans, and I know people who would’ve given a lot to trade places with me.”

A native of Erie, Pennsylvania, Alyssa earned a degree in event planning, child development and business administration from West Virginia University.

Following graduation, she taught first grade, worked in business development for DHL in Columbus, Ohio, and as an event planner for 360 Destination Group in South Florida. She joined Trueline as an assistant content coordinator in July 2020 and was promoted to her current role in July 2021.

Working remotely for Trueline—she was living in Florida when she started and now resides in Charleston, South Carolina—has given Alyssa the flexibility to continue pursuing her passion for traveling. It’s something she doesn’t take for granted.

“I honestly think being at home helps me focus, because when you’re in an office, there are so many distractions,” she says. “I think this job would be harder in person.”

Seeing the Sites

While traveling to foreign lands brings experiences with different languages and people, Alyssa and her fiancé, Perry Morgan, have spent the past five years visiting states in the U.S. with the goal to visit all 50 by the time they both turn 30 in three years.

Alyssa says they plan on visiting Montana, Idaho and Wyoming this August and will have just Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Hawaii—and Trueline’s home state of Maine—left to visit.

Alyssa LoVerso and her fiancé, Perry.

While she has memories of fond experiences in each of the 35 states she’s visited, Alyssa especially remembers snow dog sledding in Alaska, road tripping across six Southern states trying to find the best fried chicken in the South and horseback riding in Zion National Park.

“I hate horses, but that was a special experience,” she says.

Staying Connected

In her first few months at Trueline, Alyssa was making between 100-150 outbound calls per day, so she understands the workload of the sales development coordinators. In her current role, Alyssa spends a lot of her time listening to SDC calls and coaching them on ways to improve. She admits she sometimes misses talking to people all over the country with interesting stories to share.

“Now, I’m talking a lot to Nick [Randall] and Sarah [Whitling], the professional development directors, and I’m learning from talking to Sean [O’Reilly], our sales director, too,” she says. “And I’m passing that information on to our team and providing the feedback necessary to help the team grow.”

Alyssa works alongside Jason Williams, the other sales development coach, and she says the duo have a good relationship—and a good team. Whether she’s listening to voice files or meeting individually with team members, Alyssa says her goal is to ensure everyone is having fun at work while remaining committed to the job and to Trueline.

“I have always liked helping people and talking to people, so this job is a good mix,” she says.

What comes next includes checking another three states off her list and her wedding in Mexico in late January. After that, Alyssa isn’t sure, but she knows it’ll involve seeing new things, meeting new people and continuing to grow with Trueline.

Alyssa LoVerso riding a dog sled

“Trueline has given me multiple opportunities to grow within the company, and I’m thankful for the team and can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Bonus Facts on Alyssa LoVerso

Did you know? Alyssa LoVerso and her fiancé are getting married in January in Los Cabos, Mexico. She shares a birthday—December 28—with Denzel Washington, John Legend, Stan Lee, Seth Meyers and President Woodrow Wilson.

Who’d play you? Mila Kunis.

Bucket list: To finish visiting all 50 states by the time she’s 30, giving her about three years to make that happen.

Greatest achievement so far: Completing college in less than four years.